Saturday, July 11, 2009


so i bought this really 'rad' 90s skate board deck from the opp shop that i work at, and i have decided that i am going to sand the bottom back and paint some sort of awesome picture on the bum, but brainstorming a picture isn't that easy. I wanna go for something like grungy, rock but not like skull try hard, almost hip hopy but like really artistic, wait I've got the word "surf style" really coastal. "why so picky?" i here you say, well that is a very good question that i probably couldn't answer, but meh. i saw this really wicked skate deck in sorrento last weekend, it was on sale and it was mark somethings board and i can't remember his last name just now coz my brain is...... well lets not talk about that infront of him but it had his name in block and then these really cool doodles inside his name, dunno twas cool. anyways

I know that when i leave school i'll deffs be doing something arty becuase I'm not that good at anything else and also i just love all that is creative and i wanted to do fashion becuase i make a hell of a lot of my clothing and i spend my life diving into the exotic pages of russh, yen and frankie magazine but then i don;t think i could handle the pressure of creating new styles, i mostly see really expensive clothes wen i go shopping, studdy how they are put together then go home and create, so wen people qoute me it's always "fuck it, I'll make it". but then i really liked drawing, but i'm am totally disfuctional in this area, i just love looking at sketchs and like doodles and i just wish i could draw, i just think that it such an amazing skill to have so i'm contemplating starting drawing classes which should be a really different experience. And now im kinda gowing down the 3 way road of designing skate decks, designing album covers or doing media such as video clips and itsy bitsy stuff, nothing movie size but, you never now

the world is my oyster!

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