Monday, March 1, 2010

catch ya ladas summerrr

i can't believe it wen so fast, summer i miss you, and it's only been a day, who will be there to wake me up in the morning, and burn my skin wen i forget sunscreen at st kilda festival and who will be there to make me sweat like a pig in my claustrophobic school uniform and who will be there to heat my world, and bring on the mozzys and get me out of school early, and come with me to the beach and swim in the ocean and flash random jet ski people (mmmm yes) and who will be there to tan the lushes men of australia, and to help me surf and buy me boost smoothies and give me heatstroke and bad thong tan lines and kill my lawn hay, who the fuck is going to care for me while you are gone hay?

dont you dare leave me here you son of a bitch!

love ya long time pal

see ya round

hayles xoxo

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