Tuesday, June 1, 2010

baggy and minimal

i am completely obsessed with really plain and baggy clothing, love the black opaque stockings under short, black, tight skirts with baggy shirts. Im also in love with wavy, knotty hair. My friends think im weird but i loovee it. My new style come sheep as everything im into atm is in opp shopssssssssssssss. Im also now the proud uwner of the numbers one and seven, im 17. Oh and im also in love with wearing really deep necked knits without tee shirts underneath. Tigerlilly also have this amazing, deep forest green colour going on in their new winter line. today im going to school and then failing my year 11 english exam, so wish me lucky :)

p.s loveing the russian style, fur pin box hats ;)


IsauraQuevedo said...

Love this post, the photos are all amazing!
love your blog

Diogo Sc said...

love this!!